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hot air balloon flights Commercial Services
A hot air balloon creates excitement that attracts and holds attention. Frequently, balloons fly with some form of advertising on the envelope, which gets the advertiser s name or message to the community. The goal of corporate sponsorship is name recognition-to get your name out to the public. It s been said that everyone likes balloons because of their shape. How many times have you seen someone stop to admire or take a picture of a billboard? Yet, people will stop along the road to watch a balloon gently glide across a field or take a picture of it.

Annually, more people attend balloon events across the nation than any other summer activity, including baseball games. The advantage to the advertiser is that these events become a private marketing audience. If wanted, the balloon can also make impact appearances at other sporting events, taking advantage of these gatherings when they consist of the advertiser s target market. A balloon can be an excellent addition to existing marketing efforts. The uses for a balloon are nearly unlimited.
hot air balloon flights

Balloon Rides Over Syracuse offers the following corporate services:
Media Coverage - The coverage a balloon receives is of primary importance to the sponsor.
Industry Events - By flying or tethering the balloon at community events, blossom and harvest festivals, conventions, agricultural shows and other industry events, the sponsor can receive unsurpassed attention.
Community Involvement - Most special events benefit charities or communities. By participating with the balloon, the sponsor can position itself as a supporter of the community where the balloon appears.
Targeted Marketing - The nature of the balloon allows the sponsor to reach its target audience while providing major visibility. A professional pilot realizes that the primary goal is to promote the sponsor.

Corporate Options
hot air balloon flights
Option I: Free Flights - Balloon Rides Over Syracuse is available for hire for free flights at sporting events, fairs, harvest and blossom festivals, community events, and hot air balloon festivals. A free flight lasts 45-60 minutes (depending on winds and landing site availability) and concludes with refreshments. Launch takes place at sunrise or late afternoon (1 to 2 hours before sunset). The entire experience--set up, inflation, flight, landing, pack up, and celebration-will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Option II: Tethers - A tether is a balloon tied off to three anchor points and hovering at 50 to 75 feet above the ground. It requires a 300 by 300 cut field free of power lines and trees, and must be accessible for the vehicles, which will be used as anchors for the balloon. The balloon will then be tied off to each anchor and allowed to ascend to a height of 50 to 75 feet, depending on wind conditions.
Balloon Rides Over Syracuse (B.R.O.S.) is available for hire at a rate of $1200 for up to 2 hours. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required."

Option III: Advertising - Our balloon is an attractive advertising tool and has been featured in various print media. Any organization wishing to create a television commercial or other film production (e.g., infomercial) may hire B.R.O.S. to appear.

Option IV: Leasing - Balloon Rides over Syracuse will lease one of its balloons on an annual basis. During the lease term, the balloon will appear for tethers, attend festivals and events, and provide free flights. Please call us at 315-727-9000 to discuss specific details and fee schedules.

Balloon Rides Over Syracuse
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